The importance of a hospital bed for recuperation!

A hospital bed is different from the beds we have in our houses. This is because it needs to meet the special needs of each patient, and bring them comfort and security.

22 de September

And for each utility, a different characteristic is given to meet the need of the bedridden and to facilitate the medical team work.

And for each utility, a different characteristic is given to attend the needs of the bedridden and facilitate the medical team work.
The hospital beds can be used only to the comfort and security of the patient, and to accommodate those with a low level of consciousness. Depending on the model, it serves to reduce shortness of breath, improve circulation of the inferior limbs, decrease edema and prevent the aspiration of liquids and secretion. 
The new models with special hospital mattresses are capable of helping to prevent wounds which surge in the skin, caused in people who spend too much time in the same position.
Which hospital bed model should I choose? 
There are a lot of hospital beds models, among them, the most common are:
- Manual articulated bed;
- Electrical bed.
What differs among the models are their dimensions, types of materials of the structure, and the mattress for the hospital bed. Other possible differences are whether the beds have wheels or not, whether they have bed elevation or whether they are fixed at height, with or without a side protection railing and whether they are fixed or removable. And the sizes have a standard of 1,90 meters length and 0.90 meters  wide, but the NBTech beds have the differential of headboard and footboard extender.
For the patient to have more comfort, the majority of the beds have some adjustments, facilitating the medical and nursing  team work, beyond the needs of the bedridden. These adjustments can be mechanical or electrical, being done by manual handle or remote control, respectively, depending on the bed model. 
When choosing the model, it’s not enough to buy a simple hospital bed, you must have in mind its purpose and the type of treatment. This is really important, since the type of bed influences the patient's recovery, whether it is a post-surgical or even for his rest. See more about each model of hospital beds:
Manual articulated hospital bed 
It has motion through handles, which favors the blood circulation in some body parts of the bedridden, improving the recovery. And it provides more comfort and security with headboard and footboard extender, preventing pressure ulcers. 
Electric hospital bed
The electric hospital bed has a remote control so the patient can directly access its functions. It can be found in hospitals, clinics and home care, giving autonomy for the bedridden and facilitating the  services of the nurses and caregivers.
Where can I buy a hospital bed? 
When it comes to patient care, comfort and security must be the priorities. Therefore, trust in those who know about the subject.
NBTech has a vast portfolio and can help you in this choice. Have the guarantee of reliable products and choose NBTech when buying a hospital bed!