Do you know the main positions of a hospital bed?

Products that aim to facilitate the care of nurses and caregivers to bedridden people, always providing safety, tranquility and well-being.

10 de September

Equipment dedicated to give support, transfer, comfort and security to patients in their residences or hospitals, in the most diverse types of environments such as: wards, intensive care units, post-anesthetic recovery, among others.

Fowler position
It’s a hospital bed position in which the patient remains semi sitting, in which the headboard stays positioned in 30° and 90°.
Semi-fowler position
In this case, the headboard of the hospital bed is positioned in an up to 30° angle.
Purpose of this positioning:
Reducing shortness of breath, lung drainage, assists in recovery from abdominal surgeries, prevention of aspiration of fluids and secretion in patients with reduced level of consciousness.
Sitting position
We positioned the back support of the hospital bed in 90°, this way, the patient can be sitting on the bed.
Purpose of this positioning:
The patient is placed in a hospital bed when the goal of treatment is to improve pulmonary ventilation.
Vascular position
This positioning is the one where the legs region is elevated, causing the legs to be at a greater height in relation to the torso, with a light flex on the knees and hips.
Purpose of this positioning:
In many cases, the bedridden patient suffers with low circulation in the lower limbs, causing edema and wounds, with the hospital bed in vascular position or with leg elevation, it can reduce these complications.
It consists in putting the patient in supine position with the pelvis higher than the shoulders and head.
Reverse Trendelenburg 
It is a variation of the supine position, where the superior part of the back is lowered and the feet are elevated.
To facilitate the patient care, we have beds with elevation and descent, being possible for the patient to access the bed with more facility and the caregiver removing the patient with it lowered and sanitizing with the bed higher up, avoiding back pain.